The Mila hay milk comes from South Tyrolean mountain farms and the cows are fed with fresh grass in summer and mainly hay in winter, as well as a small amount of cereal meal in addition. Silage feed is not used at all. The hay milk production is in harmony with nature and promotes the biodiversity of meadows and fields. The hay milk is pure in taste, rich in valuable ingredients and GMO free. The European Union has awarded hay milk as traditional speciality guarateed (TSG). The production method of hay milk is precisely regulated and the rules for production are summarised in an EU regulation. Mila fresh hay milk is available as whole milk and as semi-skimmed milk with a packaging size of 500 ml and 1000 ml:


In addition, the Mila hay milk “longer lasting” is available in the refrigerated shelf as whole milk and as semi-skimmed milk with a packaging size of 1000 ml:
Mila latte fieno più giorno intero e PS
Thanks to the delicate temperature treatment, it lasts longer than conventional fresh milk. The innovative packaging comes from over 80% renewable sources. The packaging is made of FSC® certified paper and the plastic used is made of cane sugar.

Mila Skyr

Mila Skyr is a dairy speciality made to a recipe from Iceland, where Skyr has long been a traditional part of the cuisine. Over the years, it has reached fame over the world for its numerous beneficial properties. We have adopted this unusual recipe and are delighted to bring this exceptionally low-fat, protein-rich milk product to South Tyrol and Italy in the form of Mila Skyr, using 100% Mila hay milk from the mountains of South Tyrol and select ingredients.

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Your mountain fresh protein snack!

Mila SKYR MIX is a well-balanced snack for in between, rich in protein and low in fat. Mountain fresh SKYR made from 100% South Tyrolean hay milk perfectly combined with delicious cereals and fruits.